Thursday, October 07, 2004

Vote John Kerry - Music Video

Today I'm launching It's purpose, at this point, is to promote political, economical, and social ideas that promote individual freedom.

The major issue of the day seems to be this: There is no connection with Saddam Hussein and the tragedies on 9/11/2001.

Since John Kerry and some of the Democrats appear to be against Bush's aggression in Iraq, I wrote us all a song: Vote John Kerry.

Vote for John Kerry and John Edwards - instead of being backwards, we will be going aheadwards!

This tune used to be called The Picnic Rag, but I think I like it better with words. So John Kerry it is!

Don't forget to visit MoveOn for ways to contribute to the cause.


Abdul said...

Hi Dominic,

That song is really good... Adding your website in my blog links...

Hope you remember me, I am Abdul from Macromedia India team.

- Abdul

Joseph McInnes said...

Hi. I'm Willo's friend *Joe*. In flash, how did you create the flash movie (for Vote for Kerry song) so when you moused over it the video showed the controls?


Joseph McInnes said...

P.S. My email is and you can guess the website :)


Joseph McInnes said...

Can you tell me the movie direct address (source) so I can add it to my blog, crediting/copyrighting you.


Dom said...

hey Joe,

Try copying the OBJECT code from this blog post here: Remember to paste it in without line breaks so that Blogger doesn't insert breaks into your post.


RRF said...

Hey Dom! I was surfin' on the net, looking for stuff on the Presidential Election and found your blog! Even though I am portuguese, I am deeply concerned with tonight's results. I really want Bush out of the oval office. It would do the world a favor!
Your blog seems very interesting, I'll be stopping by frequently! I really liked your song! Too bad I didn't hear it sooner cause I would have asked you permission to play it in my concerts. I sing in bars and it would have been interesting to share it with people here in Europe!
Take care!