Monday, October 18, 2004

Band of Citizens


Some friends from Macromedia have put together a new site, and posted the Vote John Kerry song! Here is their Open Letter:

If you are feeling increasingly concerned with our country's current direction, you are not alone. Many citizens like you want to see more integrity, accountability, respect and commitment to solving problems in our government. They want to be proud of America again.

That's why we are launching Band of Citizens, an internet-based citizen movement dedicated to re-committing America to the highest ideals of democracy, and using common sense to solve its most pressing problems.

We're open to reason and believe in the best of the human spirit. We expect the same from our political leaders - not dogmatism and divisiveness.

We support the candidacy of John Kerry for President because he is simply the wiser, more thoughtful and courageous leader. He has proven himself in 40 years of public service, and he has shown personal courage both on the battlefield and in public life. John Kerry is not a perfect man or candidate - as no man can be. But we believe he is better qualified to unite this country and address its most difficult problems. We intend to hold John Kerry accountable to the highest ideals and values of this country, as we would any other leader.

The Band of Citizens website ( features short web videos, called "Citizenflicks", to bring to life the ideas we support. We want to make it easy for people to understand the issues, why John Kerry is the stronger candidate for President, and the power of voting.


1. Send a Citizenflick web video to a family member or friend who is undecided about voting or wavering in their support for Bush. View and send Citizenflicks at:

2. Forward this open letter to your friends, family, and colleagues, and ask them to send it on to others in their email address books. Post this open letter on blogs/websites. Forward it to the press. Spread the word.

We are a Band of Citizens. Together we can elect John Kerry on Nov. 2nd.

Check it out, pass it on, and let's make it happen!

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