Friday, October 22, 2004


PowerBook G4 15-inch Beauty ShotI've switched two of my best friends in the world from Windows to Apple this week: my mom (WOO HOO!) and Ben Vigoda (finally). Also, I helped RobDog switch his girl Anne over to the good side.

Developer's discount, baby. They expire today, and they're all gone, sorry.

I could be an Apple salesman. I think it would be fulfilling...

"Yeah, bump it up all the way - you're going to want all that speed later."

"Oh, and you're going to want an iSight animation iSight... yeah."

"iPod or iPod mini? Excellent question."

It feels good because I know I'm hooking my peeps up with the best. And they deserve it - they've been suffering long enough!

They're Switchers. What does that make me, a Switchie?

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