Thursday, October 28, 2004

Evolution of Chat

Once, there was Broadcast. Some quick ResEdit, and there was Calvincast.
And it was good.

Small windows did erupt.
Intrusive chat.

Then, there was Spacebar.
A private, custom ICQ.
And it was good.

Long, lurid threads and newspeak.
A tango of line commands.

Next, audio and avatar Traveler.
And then back to text-and-avatar with Activeworlds.

Immersive, but too big.
And it's about text anyway.

Straight Instant Messenger for most folks.
AIM or Yahoo or Jabber or ICQ
They are good.

Now, iChat AV for audio and video.
A revolution.

Now, Adium for your straight chat.
So customizable. So ergonomic.

And it is good.

Strong Bad Chat


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