Monday, September 06, 2004

In the Regionals

This weekend, we celebrated / thumbed-our-nose-at Burning Man by gathering a few tribes together in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We built things, we shared things, we feasted, we fought (with water balloons), and we dialed into Black Rock City via Phil's high-speed wireless link.

Burning Man 2004 - the Man Burns

"It's a social experiment in community that we hope will spread around the country," said Larry Harvey. "The real future of Burning Man is off the playa, in the regionals. We want Burning Man to spread around the country, throughout the year." [via sfgate]

Burning Man 2004 - the Man Burns

We could see people and cars, and bikes, and things moving on the projection screen we had. And when whoever it was that was operating the camera would pan and zoom, we would all cheer and become excited and enthralled - until the network would drop. But it was a nice stream there at the end, and we all got a taste of Burning Man, could hear the noise, and we got to watch the Burn. Thanks.

Burning Man 2004 - the Man Burns

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