Sunday, May 01, 2005

Wedding A Cappella

Last weekend, we visited New York for Jove & Donna's Wedding. It was the first time that all eight of my graduating a cappella group (Sixteen Feet) have been together in eight years! It was a beautiful ceremony - I got to be a part of it - as Jove sang to his bride, and folks participated in a combined Quaker / Jewish tradition. Check out the pictures here.

At the reception, we warmed up a little bit with some of the party favors (video clips by Mer):

After folks had a chance to dine and relax, I gave my toast. "The first time I met Jove..."

The boys were doing the intro to "Naturally" in the background, and after I told the story of meeting Donna, we broke into a full rendition of the song:

Then Jove joined us for a Special Donna Version of "Come Go with Me":

Later in the evening, after the reception, seven of us gathered for some more seranades (Ken had retired to be with baby Dora). Here is some of "Duke of Dubuque" featuring yours truly:

and a bit of the ending:

After which, we pulled together the classic "Every Time I Turn Around":

and some "Kiss the Girl":

Followed by a 'high risk, high reward' version of "Cantina Band", the bar music from Star Wars:

Somehow, it all came flooding back to us, and it was just as fun as when we were in college. Must have been the four years of singing together 3 times a week, all that time on stage, opening for Dave Matthews, recording two CDs, traveling to Italy, reunion concerts, and - oh yeah - our wedding, Ken's wedding, and Jon's wedding!

Thanks Jove and Donna, for bringing us back together for the weekend. We really should do this more often.

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