Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Apple Dashboard Wife: "Yahoo! Traffic?! You don't even drive!"
Husband: "I'm a Widgaholic. I can't live without Widgahol!"

Yes, isn't it cute? Everyone has Tiger now. Finally! I've been working with it for about 10 months, so most things aren't a surprise to me, except for all the cool Widgets.

Top Ten Widgets that Someone Needs to Make
(but not me 'cause I have no time for people's stupid Widget requests):

10. Strong Bad Email Reader Widget
9. Apple Bug Reporter Widget
8. Star Wars Episode III Countdown Widget
7. Apple Remote Desktop Viewer Widget
6. iCal Notifier Widget
5. iTunes Shares Available Widget
4. New Widget Downloads Widget
3. New Flickr Photo Browser Widget
2. Surf's Up Widget
1. Voice Sticky-note Widget

So, get on it! I need more Widgahol!

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