Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Life at Odeo

ODEO Days when I come here -
Wondering what will happen next,
What I'll be breaking, or fixing, or making better.

Days when the gang is all here;
Noah and Biz make us smile,
Ev gets excited and makes his hair stick up,
Jack or Florian does something amazing.

A day like today, when Rabble returns early to fix bugs.

Never a dull moment, when Adam might get a package,
Or we could take a break to fly a kite.

Perhaps we ship something, that always helps -
Or when Ray starts laughing and pretty soon we're all gathered around his desk.

Ways that Crystal puts things,
Or how Tony validates my sleeping patterns;
Tim, when he's clensing.

Going out with Courtney to see his friend in a show.
Learning ninja skills from Blaine and Jeremy.

It matters when you work with people you like.

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