Tuesday, March 28, 2006


ShoZu I just freed a bunch of photos from my cell phone using ShoZu.

It's explicitly freemium, and they do ask for your phone number. That said, I highly recommend picking it up. Flickr integration is excellent. Among other things, it will deliver comments on my photos directly to my phone, and exploit my contacts to email things directly to people from my phone.

See, I need stuff like ShoZu because I'm back using the Nokia 6600. My Treo keeps restarting on me, and I'm still heartbroken. The Razr? Also crashes, though I'm not surprised. The old 6600 is a little slow, but everything works. It's kind of a step backward power-wise, so stuff like ShoZu kindof makes my day.

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willotoons said...

My ears perked: I'm actually debating what phone to get... check out my post & the thread of comments. I'd love to hear your .02!