Thursday, December 08, 2005

Me and My Nano

Jack asked me today, "So, do you like your nano?" Heck yeah! I'm listening to Speaker for the Dead on it right now. I can't put it down.

When I'm just groovin' to tunes (like on my bike), it's about as good as my Shuffle, 'cept I don't have a fancy lanyard or waterproof case. But when I'm listening to audiobooks or Odeos, it's all about the nano: the titles, the chapter headings, the form factor.

Something else I just discovered: it comes with a USB charge/sync cable. At the office, we had a Firewire cable that fits the same port. So, I plugged it in:

FireWire connections are not supported. To transfer songs, connect the USB cable provided. Click Center to dismiss.
When I dismiss, it doesn't connect, but it continues to charge, which is cool, cause that's all I really wanted to do anyway!

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