Friday, December 09, 2005

How I Get Things Done

Quicksilver The King of Productivity, Merlin Mann came by Odeo to talk about Quicksilver (love it) and other tricks of his trade. He asked me, "What do you use for your lists?" I replied, my Treo.

Well, whenever I have a task or a thought I need to file, I whip out the Treo and go straight to the calendar. I find a time to complete that task or follow up on the thought. If I really need to Get It Done, I'll set up a reminder.

Then, when I sync to my machine, .Mac picks it up, and viola, my thought is everywhere in the Hundred Worlds (my vast network of laptops, towers, and devices). If I haven't completed the task or pushed it off in time, one of the little brothers reminds me. And I can always search for ideas using iCal.

It's not flawless, but it works, and I don't need to carry a laptop everywhere.

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