Saturday, November 12, 2005

Wiki Gnome

viola! During a recent visit, Merlin Mann said to me,

Oh, so you're the Odeo Wiki Gnome!
What's that? Supposedly, it's someone who's always improving the Wiki, fussing over it, fixing it, adding to it. The Wiki requires maintenance.

Sorry, you can't see it. That's where we keep all of our secret formulae. Wherever I am, I can edit those pages and refine Odeo. I watch the RSS feed of all the changes, I go around linking things. The editor is built in.

It's a lot slower than using Dreamweaver to just generate the code, but when you find yourself without - hey there's Jot! They're constantly improving it, too, which helps.

It's fun, being a gnome. Listen to Ev talk about it.

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