Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Episode III Again

Revenge of the Sith dvd Ah crap. Now I'm into Star Wars again. The DVD came out, and of course I had pre-ordered it. And of course, I dive right into the deleted scenes (disappointing) and the featurettes.

One featurette, called "Within a Minute," details the process of creating about 50 seconds of film. The scene near the end where Obi and Ani fight on the lava planet, and that piece of ironwork falls off and starts floating down the river of lava.

Really incredible, how much work went into just that scene! They did a great job weaving the music into the featurette, too, so that by the time it was over I was all geared up to watch the movie again.

Instead of watching it, I've been listening to the music again. I'm impressed by how strongly the music makes me feel, still. I'm brought back to the days this summer when I was listening to it all the time.

Pretty soon, I'm going to watch the movie again. But, I gotta psyche myself up - it's a scary, sad movie. Poor Anakin. Poor Padme. Poor Yoda. Poor me; gotta watch it 50 more times just to catch up with the original trilogy!

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