Monday, December 10, 2007

10 Rules for Twitter

I've posted to Twitter almost 1400 times, and have come up with a few rules for myself, a "style" if you will:
Dom Under Water
  1. Be Unique.
  2. Try to be Descriptive or Declarative.
  3. Limit yourself to one sentence only.
  4. Avoid "right now" or other superfluous speech.
  5. Avoid repetition.
  6. Avoid all caps.
  7. Links are nice.
  8. Use @reply to provide context only - "D" instead of @reply for one-off conversations.
  9. Don't hate, appreciate!
  10. Stop and think about the words you are using, and who will be reading them.
I actually find #3 to be the most difficult one to follow, and #10 to be the most valuable. Again, these are just my own personal rules for me.

Must Twitter better!

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