Wednesday, June 20, 2007

iPhoneDevCamp at Adobe SF

It all started with a twitter.

Open source evangelist Chris Messina asked the world where to host iPhoneDevCamp from July 6th-8th. I wrote back, "What about Adobe?"

Adobe loves Web developers!

Chris introduced me to BarCamp organizer Raven Zachary, and we managed to book the entire Town Hall at Adobe San Francisco (site of ApolloCamp). Now we have room for hundreds of people, with Guest WiFi and everything.

Everyone here is excited about having folks over for a long weekend of coding and sharing ideas. Because iPhone hasn't been released yet, I put together this FAQ to help answer questions about the event.

Personally, I'm just excited to attend, but now I really must get my hands on one of those phones before July 6th!


Unknown said...

Dom, thank for you making this happen!

Omar Basawad said...

Thanks for the FAQ and thanks for the info.