Thursday, November 30, 2006

New House

In case you're not following my Twitters: we sold our place and found a great new house! Actually, we're all moved in already. See the pics here.

How did we do that so fast? The answer:

1. Focus on Safety, Space, and Heat (SSH). It had to be a nice neighborhood, with a garage and space for music, and it had to be energy efficient and centrally heated.

2. Agility with BaseCamp, GMail, and Treo. Our excellent agent, my brilliant wife, and I were always on the same lightweight page, literally.

3. Delegation to a Landscaper, Contractor, Stager, Mover, and/or Agent. That allowed us to only deal with high-level decisions and apply a tight information filter.

When that filter was lifted, we found ourselves in the house of our dreams, with an incredible view, around the corner from the market, a park, and good schools.

The future is bright!

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