Friday, August 11, 2006 - an Odeo client

In order to have something to play with at the Apple WWDC, I hacked up a little WebKit-based Mac client to house my favorite audio experiment: Odeo/Play. That way, no matter what's going on with my Firefox, I can always enjoy my tunes / podcasts / what-have-yous in a separate "player" via the Web as a Universal Binary (requiring OS X 10.4).

I call it "" and it's free. You can even check out the source code. In fact, I built this from the source for by Chip Cuccio (who was very responsive and helpful in the process).

So, thanks Chip, thanks Biz (for the icon), thanks The MIT License, and thanks to the Apple Developer Support dudes for answering my questions this week!


Chris said...

Sweet! I've added it to our group wiki.

Ev said...

I dig it. Thanks, Dom!