Monday, August 07, 2006

Comin' Home

Odeo It's been almost a year since I met with Noah and Ev to talk about joining Odeo as their Head of Quality. Since then, we've shipped the Create tools, including Web and phone recording, audio comments, audio link, Send Me A Message, public uploads, and Odeo: Listen.

A few months ago, Odeo decided to make a shift in focus, resulting in twttr. This release, and Odeo/Play and Hellodeo, make it clear to me that Odeo has learned the Way of QA. Odeo is releasing stuff faster, and with a higher degree of quality than ever.

So, as with Rabble, I take my leave of Odeo, in order to pursue new opportunities.

Adobe I've accepted a job with Adobe Systems. I'll be developing an automated testing framework for the Dreamweaver API. It's a real step forward on my engineering path, and something that keeps me South of Market in the company of good peeps.

I'll stay tuned in to all things Odeo. I'll still be working on small Web Development projects (like Invent Music and the mustn't grumble) because I'm addicted to building things.

You and me? We'll always have Odeo. Next month, I'm comin' home, back to Baker & Hamilton.

Apple D, back in effect!

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