Friday, May 12, 2006

What would you say... ya DO here?

A typical day for the Head of Quality at Odeo:

09:30 - 10 foot commute to my home office to see what's up before I come in. Morning tunes. Answer emails, triage bugs.

10:30 - 5 mile commute to Odeo HQ for morning meeting (aka 'Scrum')

11:00 - Write email, file bugs, fix a bug, close a bug

12:30 - Lunch with one or more of the guys

13:30 - User interaction of some kind: Usability Study, email, phone call, or txt.

14:00 - Back at desk, tweak features, regress bugs, raise questions

15:00 - Start ball rolling for a deploy

16:00 - If deploy, poke around site. If no deploy, write tests.

17:00 - Absorb obscure hackery from Blaine and Rabble

18:00 - Think about motivating to get out

19:00 - "One more thing"

20:00 - Home, one way or the other

23:00 - Post-prandial "what's going on in the world"

23:30 - Obligatory bug fix, bug ticket, or status email

23:59 - Begin dreaming about code, music, and floating

[Update:] This was a test, but not only a test! We've shipped six (6) new players from which to choose.

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