Sunday, July 10, 2005

Tally of the Switched

Apple Retail - Make the Switch One of my favorite things to do is turn people on to the Macintosh computer. I gave my buddy Wolfgang an iMac G3 for his 6th Birthday. I just set up Simple Finder and 'voila' it's a whole new Mac.

He called me after hooking it up, right when he got home. Wolfie in a Tree

"I like it very much," he declared.
Then he had to get back to watching Star Wars on it.

Folks I've Switched:
  • Mom (switched to OS X)
  • Ben Vigoda ("I'll never go back.")
  • My brother Ben
  • Tim from Montana
  • Wolf (switched to OS X)
  • [Update: Add Fernando, who switched and said, "thanks, I didn't know mac was so nice!"]
People I'm workin' on:
  • Dad (at least he has a Shuffle now!)
  • Birge (needs his own) [Update #2: Switched Birge, "the problem is, it really makes working on the PCs at work even worse, now."]
  • Ian the Aviator
I really should get a commission.

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