Friday, April 01, 2005

Treo News Aggregator

I enjoy being able to check news, learn things, and hit my web apps on the Treo. The Web browser that it comes with (Blazer) is a bit pokey, so I've been trying out Xiino (30-day fully functional trial), recommended by Treonauts.

Xiino rocks the pants off Blazer! First thing I noticed is that it caches pages nicely. No more "Oops, I have to reload that page" when I use another app. Secondly, it downloads faster and just plain operates faster. [Sigh], I'll probably buy it.

Meanwhile, I've set up my own Mobile News Aggregator: a text-only view of the important bookmarks and syndicated news that I need wherever I am.

You can do it too! 'Gotta love free software.

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