Sunday, April 17, 2005

Treo 9000

Close-up of Treo 650 Ever notice how the "eye" on the Treo 650 looks red from a certain angle? Kindof like the HAL 9000...

Allow me to profile a few of the programs running on my 'Treo 9000'.

Apps I've shelled out for already:

Missing Sync - helps save time during syncs and enables card mounting and a few other things.
Clicker - allows me to control my Mac via Bluetooth - very nice trick.

Apps I have been trying and will probably buy soon:

Xiino - except it won't load Gmail for some reason.
Bhajis Loops - haven't gotten to play around with this one as much as I'd like - kindof requires the headpiece to really compose.
QuickNews - haven't gotten it to work yet.
TealPaint - excellent program that I don't use often enough.
VeriChat - bummed that it's a yearly thing.

Freebies that don't suck:

Palm Dictionary
• WatchM

I'd also like to share with you a habit that has helped me find time to follow up on things. When you get an idea or a reference from a friend, instead of making a Memo or a Task out of it, make a new Appointment out of it. Set the alarm if it's urgent. Then, you can move it around later and make time to follow through on it!

Thanks to Sammy and the PalmAddicts crew for adding me to their sidebar! It inspires me to post.

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