Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Treo 650 vs. iPod Shuffle

One month ago, I got an iPod Shuffle. Two weeks ago, I got a Treo 650.
Which provides more enjoyment? It's hard to choose:
Treo on one hand, Shuffle on the other

Comparison Treo Shuffle
Holds at least 1GB Yes Yes
Holds Mac and Win data Yes Yes
Plays Music Yes Yes
Has Simple, Intuitive Controls Yes Yes
Can be Operated by Touch Yes Yes
Can be Operated by Touch in the Dark Yes Yes
Can be Operated by Touch with Eyes Closed No Yes
Has one or more Setlists Yes Yes
Has Shuffle Mode No Yes
Can be managed via iTunes Yes Yes
Lasts a Day or Two Without Charging Yes Yes
Can be Worn About the Neck No Yes
Has Speaker Yes No
Updates Wirelessly Yes No
Has Screen Yes No
Waterproof Case Available Yes Yes
Blinks Yes Yes
Beeps Yes No
Takes a Fall Yes Yes
Is a Phone Yes No
Is Edible No Yes

Conclusion: Gotta have both on hand at all times!

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