Sunday, March 06, 2005

Backup your Treo to Card

I had the following awful situation happen to me today:

1. I'd been recording pictures and video on the Treo 650.
2. Locked it, put it in pocket.
3. I took it back out, it's restarting. Then, it kept repeating the restart cycle.
4. Reset didn't help, and all I remembered how to do was a hard reset (no good - didn't want to lose those pics!) or a soft reset (didn't help).
5. Took the battery out. Loss of use of camera/phone for the afternoon.

Returning to the house, I learned how to do a warm reset, which allowed me to back up, but not use the phone or some other apps. I was finally able to do a hard reset, then restore everything via Missing Sync.

RFBackup screenshotBut - what if this happened again, as I continue to push the device? I searched for "backup restore palm card" and boom: RFBackup:

- Backup to memory card.
- Restore from memory card.
- Optimizes backups by copying only databases modified since the last backup.
- Keeps a log of the last backup operation.

Just tried it. The backups on the card and the PowerBook look identical. It also creates a launcher on the card, so that it will be accessible in the case of a hard reset. Yes Free Software. As in Free Music.

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Unknown said...

thank you so much for this guide!!! i run a small lawncare business, and i use my treo for EVERYTHING. it was cought up in the same loop that your palm was. i hadn't backed up in awhile, and thought i lost everything. but thanks to your guide i learned about the warm reset, backed everything up and installed rfbackup as well!!! AWESOME!!! MANY THANKS! -Don