Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Magnetic Treo

The Magnetic TreoUm, I just found out how "attractive" my phone really is: it's flippin' magnetic.

In the process of taking this picture, I fished the paperclip out of my keyboard with the speaker-area of my Treo 650 GSM (Unlocked).

They're not kidding about the radiation.

Most speakers are electromagnetic. This one is particularly powerful, and blasts my mp3s well enough from afar while I cook, or hold a small party.

Don't act like you don't want it! Oh, I know that you do.

[Update] Here's my full review:

I've been waiting for the Treo 650 GSM ever since I heard the rumors about it last year. In most respects, it has lived up to the hype. I switched from a Nokia 6600. The Nokia is good, but the input mechanisms kindof lack, the screen is small, and it's a bit sluggish. I've been using the Treo for a week with my old SIM card. I've never owned a Palm before, so it's all new to me. That said, the little thing is fast. It's faster when you leave the Bluetooth off when not in use.

Good things about the Treo Experience:
  1. Adopted the t-mobile SIM card like a champ! Even shows Cingular's network when searching.
  2. I can send files to the SD card and play my mp3s out of the box.
  3. eGrips are good, eGrips work.
  4. Feels good in my pocket - has the form factor of my wallet.
  5. Reads SD cards quickly, handles eject gracefully.
  6. PalmOne gave me the 128MB card, and it reads very fast - I can skip around a song in RealPlayer by dragging around with my finger - very cool.
  7. Button on USB cable for syncing is clutch. And it's reassignable to any app.
  8. Easy and fast to backup, reset, and restore.
  9. Sound on/off button very well-placed.
  10. Stylus is nice and solid to the touch.
  11. Screen is very sensitive, even with protector on.
  12. Seems to keep power well (mostly on standby, I don't get that many calls).
  13. The speakerphone rocks!
  14. My Jabra BT200 bluetooth earpiece works with it.
  15. TealPaint, other great software out there for it.

My list of Treo gripes:

  1. Doesn't receive signal when in pocket, loses signal easily (very lame).
  2. It rates high radiation, and buzzes a little during calls.
  3. USB cable does not charge it (weaksauce).
  4. System sound sometimes comes on after using sound, even when set to off (Realplayer, other apps).
  5. Bluetooth is flaky, and "impatient" (kicks my Jabra BT200 off while dialing), and is a little staticky when it does work (sketchy).
  6. No built-in text reader (no biggie).
  7. Bluetooth makes it work up slower (no biggie, I just keep it off - Bluetooth syncing asks me to turn it on).
  8. All the software costs mucho dollars.

Conclusion: The Treo is definitely a better organizer than a phone, but the phone does work. It's very attractive when lit. I will be carrying it with me everywhere except the slopes. That's where the Nokia comes in handy.

My advice: Don't just sit there. Have some Treo.

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