Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A Cappella Techno

Hey, check out the latest performance from the current Sixteen Feet (my old college singing group), live at Swarthmore College last week:

[Coldplay. Beware one loud part, and screaming applause at the end]

Idioteque / You and Whose Army
[Radiohead. Friggin' brilliant idea, hard to execute, and pretty well done - smacks of Games for Song]

She Will Be Loved
[Maroon 5. Good, if you like the song.]

Short People
[Don't listen if you're short]

Note: the noise at the beginning of each song is a digital recorder, used to sample the notes needed for each song. Ghetto digital!

I hope you enjoy - I'm sure they'd appreciate any feedback.

Lots more here and here.

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